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Beyond Blush – Elin Bianco Treatment Serum

I apply this onto damp hair, after each time I wash my hair. I’ve been using this bottle for about 4 months, and I still have more than 3/4 of the bottle left! So this will definitely last you quite a while. I’ve been applying this onto my ends and from about the ears down. I find that this keeps my hair fairly frizz-free, soft, and manageable…

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I was immediately drawn to the pink color (yay pink!) and heavenly smell, but the super-moisturizing results are what really hooked me. My hair felt and smelled incredible after using their Treatment Mask, and I love that I can refresh the scent throughout the day with a spritz of their nourishing, alcohol-free Hair Perfume, too…
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The beauty hippie – Project Pan Them All January Empties

Elin Bianco Treatment Mask has been absolutely wonderful to revive my dry hair, especially after coming back from Europe this summer, since I did not bring any conditioner and I did not look after my hair at all for a whole month… or two. The texture is amazingly perfect – it feels thick, almost like a styling paste, so it never makes a mess in the shower. My hair was left incredibly soft and smooth after the first use!

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DANS LA SALLE DE BAINS DE VÂNIA AGUIAR – Son trésor pour cheveux

J’ai découvert la marque Elin Bianco il y a un an et demi. J’ai eu la chance d’interviewer le fondateur lors de sa venue à Montréal. C’est le meilleur masque cheveux que j’ai utilisé dans ma vie ! Il est enrichi d’huile de palme biologique. C’est en vente sur le web seulement. Je suis accro… (French)

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Mommy needs a break – Elin Bianco Hair Care Review

I REALLY loved my results! These are from ONE use of the Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment Mask, & Serum. I then combed my hair & blew dry. No flat iron! I have straight hair, but I always have to use a flat iron to smooth it and reduce frizz. Not this time. My hair looked and felt so fabulous…

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THANK YOU! I received a small sample of your product from an acquitance. First may I say, it is amazing! My hair had never felt softer or looked more healthy. Everyone Jeep complementing my hair and even the smell,it’s amazing.

THANK YOU! These are THE best products I’ve been waiting for all my life. After two weeks of using the Treatment Mask instead of my old conditioner, my hair is so shiny, soft and manageable

THANK YOU! I have been using your product for my entire family since you came to Canada. It is the only product I have come across that that does not exacerbate eczema.

THANK YOU! Also – just wanted to make a note how fantastic these products are. I use it on myself and my 3 daughters. Their hair has never been better. They are avid swimmers and the salt water and chlorine takes a toll on their hair but i notice a significant improvement since using this on them.