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Treatment Serum


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New! Hair Perfume – Limited Edition

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Treatment Conditioner


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The way you care for your hair is important, so don’t rely on average products to look spectacular. No matter how damaged your hair, we know our products work. Elin Bianco products feature the latest, breakthrough hair care technologies to ensure you always look your best. Our range of hair treatments improve damaged hair after a single application! Try our scientific formula of six natural oils (including 100% organic palm kernel oil) for a healthy, revitalizing treatment in every wash.

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I was immediately drawn to the pink color (yay pink!) and heavenly smell, but the super-moisturizing results are what really hooked me. My hair felt and smelled incredible after using their Treatment Mask.


After just one wash with the Treatment Shampoo, which is enriched with organic palm kernel oil, hair is noticeably softer and shinier, with a gloriously delicate scent that lasts all day long…


Elin Bianco Treatment Mask has been absolutely wonderful to revive my dry hair, especially after coming back from Europe this summer, since I did not bring any conditioner and I did not look after my hair at all for a whole month… or two.